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SAIDIA Tanzania is a non-profit organisation based at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, in the town of Moshi, Tanzania. Founded in early 2006, the Organization is made up of a network of people who share similar beliefs concerning the importance of sustainable development in our community. We do this in two ways, firstly we are the charity arm of Honey Badger Lodge and Safaris (www.honeybadgerlodge.com).  A percentage of their profits and all guests donations go directly to supporting our local community projects. The directors of Honey Badger have over 12 years of experience in the field of community development and public health and are working hard to ensure Honey Badger is an integral part of the community and it’s development.   Secondly we connect international volunteers with local, grass-roots development organizations that need their skills and assistance. SAIDIA volunteers work with orphans and street children, environmental projects, health programs, organizational capacity building, and more!


The Swahili word “SAIDIA” means assist, help or support. The name was chosen for the reason that this is SAIDIA Organisation s ultimate goal; to assist the needy in their journey to a better existence. It is made up of a network of people who share similar beliefs concerning the importance of building and strengthening the capacity for sustainable development in less-fortunate communities.


SAIDIA Tanzania uses an innovative and effective model of corporate social responsibility coupled with international volunteer involvement.  Through our involvement with Honey Badger Lodge we can directly affect change without a sole reliance on external support.  However by harnessing the skills of international volunteers we can compliment these efforts and bring in fresh ideas, energy and resources.  We work with a network of small, grass roots, Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) that have been selected by SAIDIA on merit, as well as an assessment of their financial and personal constraints. We have chosen community partners that we believe will truly benefit from assistance both locally and by International volunteers.


Our hope is always that through the support of SAIDIA and the hard work and contributions of volunteers, our community partners will eventually discover that they are no longer in need of our support. Organization sustainability is attainable with the SAIDIA model, as SAIDIA assists our community partners and volunteers to identify ways they can work together, connects current projects to the work of previous volunteers and supports both the organizations and volunteers every step of the way.



Volunteering with SAIDIA is ideal for adults (over 18 years) of all ages and different experiences, volunteers can come alone, in pairs or in groups, we cater to all!


Our Vision

A Tanzania that is self sustaining with less reliance on external aid and where its people are helping themselves to achieve a better existence in terms of health, income, education, commerce and development.

Mission Statement

To work with local communities and organisations, to assist them to identify, and support them to undertake, activities and projects that will enable sustainable positive change. SAIDIA exists to create a Tanzania where the organization and its functions are no-longer necessary.

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