We are involved in various different community initiatives, our activities our constantly evolving as the community's needs continue to develop and change.  The following is a list of the examples which include the different activities that a volunteer can take part in throughout the duration of their volunteering, however if volunteers have other ideas they can also contact us and we can see how best we can match their interests to the communities needs

Sporting activities

  Africa is a football (and sports) crazed nation.  There is nothing a group of young Tanzanian’s like to do more than kick or throw a ball around.  It sounds s...

2 Weeks minimum


Promoting education and personal development for local adolescents

  The future of a nation is in its young people,  they need the confidence and life skills to make important decisions themselves.  This is not easy.  Whilst the...

2 Weeks minimum


Income Generation Activities (IGA)

SAIDIA, working with its partners, aims to support a number of sustainable income generation activities. We do this by initiating or enhancing potentially profitable businesses. All ...

Two weeks minimum


Strengthening and developing the ongoing school sponsorship programmes

Education is a vital tool for development.  However in a poor country, like Tanzania, it is not accessible to all.  Whilst the Government is working hard to increase access...

2 Weeks minimum


Tangible Activities

Many volunteers like to do something completely different when they come out to Tanzania.  Perhaps they usual sit in front of a computer or are always confined to an office.&nbs...

2 Weeks minimum


Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable small children

The number of children orphaned or just vulnerable in Tanzania by the devastating effects of HIV and AIDS increases daily. Our community is no different.  These ch...

2 Weeks minimum


Health education and life skills for young people

HIV/STIs and other reproductive health issues remain a big problem for young people across sub Saharan Africa.  Over half of all new HIV infections take place in this demographi...

2 Weeks minimum


Our Vision

A Tanzania that is self sustaining with less reliance on external aid and where its people are helping themselves to achieve a better existence in terms of health, income, education, commerce and development.

Mission Statement

To work with local communities and organisations, to assist them to identify, and support them to undertake, activities and projects that will enable sustainable positive change. SAIDIA exists to create a Tanzania where the organization and its functions are no-longer necessary.

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''I came through a Swedish agency in 2011 and I worked for two months with Second chance education center on several different projects. Initially I was...'' Gustav

''A friend and I just had the pleasure of staying at Honey Badger and working alongside Jenny and Joey for two weeks. To say that they were welcoming, k...'' Mia


"Challenge yourself by helping others..."