Tangible Activities

Many volunteers like to do something completely different when they come out to Tanzania.  Perhaps they usual sit in front of a computer or are always confined to an office.  Many are interested in ‘getting their hands dirty’!  It’s a difficult balance, at SAIDIA we believe the time of foreigners flying in to ‘dig a well’ or build a school are long gone.  There are many Tanzanians themselves who can do this work and at SAIDIA we believe that volunteers should enhance the work here and not take over work that can and should be done by local people.  However the sad truth is that funds are difficult to come by and whilst Tanzanians can build schools and wells they often do not have the initial capital to implement these projects.  This is where we believe the partnership can work.  We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to work hard to raise much needed funds that they can use, in partnership with local building teams, to fund the construction of needed projects.  Volunteers can work alongside local builders digging foundations, moving rocks, bricking up, plastering and painting walls.  The options are endless.  We try and give interested volunteers a fundraising target and ideas to help them reach these targets.  Its amazing how much money you can raise when you have the driver, initiative and local and personal connections. 

Working with SAIDIA and its partner’s volunteers can:

·         Help complete the local school boundary walls and work with the students to develop and paint education murals

·         Work with the local community to complete the building of additional classrooms

·         Help in the completion of the girls dormitories – an important venture that improves the educational outcomes of our female students whilst ensuring their safety getting to and from school.

·         Much of the school is in disrepair, an unfortunate reality given the lack of resources to maintain the structures.  We are looking for volunteers to help in general school maintenance and improvement

·         Work with the local government to identify particularly vulnerable families who would benefit from our ‘home improvement scheme’.  Volunteers will work with the families to strengthen walls, rebuild houses, build appropriate ablutions and other structures to improve the lives and health of those in need in our community.

Project Information:

2 Weeks minimum


Volunteer for Saidia

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