Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable small children

The number of children orphaned or just vulnerable in Tanzania by the devastating effects of HIV and AIDS increases daily. Our community is no different.  These children need to learn, to socialise and to play.  However whilst sending a child to nursery school is a priority for all it is not a possibility for most.  Children can be left alone all day with little stimulation to help them develop.  In recognition of this growing problem, one of our partners established ‘First Chance Education Centre’.  The idea behind the centre was to offer a quality service, those that could afford would pay a small amount for their child to attend, thereby enabling the centre to support those less fortunate.  The centre is staffed by two young Tanzanian teachers and currently attended by five 3 year olds.  The children arrive at 8am and stay until 12pm.  The are provided with a small meal and get time to dance, play and learn.  This project has such potential and is ideal for anyone passionate about children.  They really are such a joy and respond so vivaciously to such small encouragement.


Working with SAIDIA and its partner’s volunteers can:


·         Support the teachers to create suitable educational materials for the centre,

·         provide training to the teachers enabling them to better structure their day,

·         set up/support other activities that are deemed appropriate e.g. sensitizing the community regarding the importance of foster parenting.

·         The program is also in need of assistance to write proposals and funding applications so that it can be expanded to support more children.


Project Information:

The prospective volunteers must be over 18 yrs of age

2 Weeks minimum


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