Sporting activities


Africa is a football (and sports) crazed nation.  There is nothing a group of young Tanzanian’s like to do more than kick or throw a ball around.  It sounds so easy, but we often take something as simple as sports for granted.  Sports can play a pivotal road in the lives of so many, adding purpose, drive, distraction to lives that could easily dwindle in the wrong direction.  Working with others and playing on a team teaches vital life skills and gives people a real sense of togetherness.  We are looking for keen, energetic and sporty volunteers to come and work with our community, our schools and our existing teams, to inject energy and to use sports as a tool for development.


Working with SAIDIA and its partners volunteers can:

·         Support existing teams and help them re-establish and sustain regular sporting activities

·         Use sports as a means to educate the community to important development issues (as defined by your needs assessment within the community)

·         Find funds and means to getting funds to provide financial support for such initiatives

·         Put structures in place to sustain these activities


Project Information:

The prospective volunteer must be over 18 yrs of age

2 Weeks minimum


Volunteer for Saidia

"Challenge yourself by helping others..."