Health education and life skills for young people

HIV/STIs and other reproductive health issues remain a big problem for young people across sub Saharan Africa.  Over half of all new HIV infections take place in this demographic.  However its not all so bleak, over recent years, a significant amount of effort has gone towards enhancing people’s understanding of HIV and AIDS. As a result, more people are getting tested and receiving the counselling that was never made available before. However knowledge is not enough.  Young people need the confidence and life skills to make important decisions themselves.  This is not easy.  Teachers are trying but struggling to impart these crucial skills.  We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to come and work with the teachers and the pupils at our local school.  To help these teachers and ultimately the students improve their life skills and  improve their reproductive health and their life choices.


 Working with SAIDIA and our partners, volunteers can:

·         Spend time with the pupils, assessing their current knowledge and attitudes and develop key messages and strategies to improve the situation

·         Work with the local teachers to develop an out of school curriculum that they can use once the volunteers are no-longer there.

·         Visit both schools and the community at large, passing on their knowledge of the disease, contraception and behavioural change.

·         Participate in an awareness programme by training and working with local groups to educate the local community.  

Project Information:

The prospective volunteers must be over 18 yrs of age

2 Weeks minimum


Volunteer for Saidia

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