Strengthening and developing the ongoing school sponsorship programmes

Education is a vital tool for development.  However in a poor country, like Tanzania, it is not accessible to all.  Whilst the Government is working hard to increase access (by providing universal education at primary school and increasing the number of government secondary schools) many young people are slipping below the net.  Some cannot afford to buy a uniform or books or food for school, others may have failed their exams the first time round and in Tanzania that means they cannot continue.  SAIDIA has partnered with a local secondary school to help support orphans and vulnerable children, without Second Chance Education Centre these students would not be able to go to school.  To try and cover the costs the school has a sponsorship programme, whereby well wishers can sponsor a child through school either for just one year or as long as they can.  Ideally the sponsors should receive regular updates/communication from the child and be encouraged to remain involved.  In reality the initiative has been established but it is not fully functioning.  In 2010 SCEC managed to get 30% of their students’ fees sponsored, a valiant effort but still not enough to really secure the future of their education. In 2011 this number has further dwindled and as it stands now only 19% of fees have been covered.  We would like keen and motivated volunteers to come and support this very worthwhile and rewarding initiative.

Working with SAIDIA and its partner’s volunteers can:


·         Develop detailed profiles of all the children and their families.

·         Strengthen the systems to ensure accountability and enable the growth of the initiatives

·         Set up a feedback system to encourage more long term sponsorship

·         Explore and establish further avenues to increase the sponsorship programme e.g.

Work with Honey Badger Lodge to develop fundraising initiatives e.g. Kili climbs for charity etc, sponsorship gift cards for presents and many more…

·         Further develop the initiative to include the teachers, thereby improving their training, salary and ultimately motivation.


Project Information:

The prospective volunteers must be over 18 yrs of age

2 Weeks minimum


Volunteer for Saidia

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