Volunteer for a week, remain committed for lifeā€¦.

01 December 10

 SAIDIA volunteers really are different.  We have been very lucky to have worked with some fantastically committed people.  Over the last few years a number of volunteers that have been placed in Mwanza have continued to show their commitment to their placements days, weeks, months and years after leaving Mwanza.  Even though we call it short term volunteering, these volunteers have shown this to be a misnomer as their commitment is far from short term.

We recently visited BCDSA (a project SAIDIA supported for 6 years in Mwanza) and were delighted to see and hear that their work is going well. Mr Shadrack continues to drive the organisation to new hights.  With the help of Leeat, Molly, Simone, Lynn, Simona, Andrea and Katie (amongst others) BCDSA are close to realising what, pre-SAIDIA, was just a dream.  In December the children that BCDSA support will be moving to a new home.  The home, built with the support of SAIDIA and our volunteers, is a modern building closer to Mwanza city and more importantly much closer to the lake.The children will have a guaranteed water and food supply from the lake, a big change from where they previously lived.  We would like to say a massive congratulations to BCDSA and to all those who have supported them.  We really are humbled by the complete show of altruism, not to mention the passion and drive of all those involved.


"Challenge yourself by helping others..."