Football mania in Moshi.

21 November 10

 2010 was a football year for so many, but this was even more so for a group of boys in Moshi.  SAIDIA’s first Moshi based volunteer worked hard to establish a football team in a local rural area.  It may seem trivial and to many football is just a game, but to these boys it offers an avenue to express themselves.  Msaranga (where SAIDIA is based) is a small rural village 6kms outside of Moshi town.  There are few employment  opportunties, many young people in the area have not completed school further limiting their options.  The football team provides an opportunity for these boys to learn to work together, to plan together and to be driven by a common goal.  The team, set up by Andy, have entered into a local league and are doing well. We will continue to keep you posted…  Thank you Andy for making this happen.


"Challenge yourself by helping others..."