An update for February

10 February 12


 2012 has been a busy one so far for all of us at SAIDIA.  We have had a number of volunteers already passing through and helping us to support out local community.  At the Honey Badger Lodge there are now 5 volunteers working on several projects.


A curriculum program is being developed for the First Chance Education Centre- a new pre-school for 3 to 6 year olds. Schools must follow the guidelines set by the Tanzanian Ministry of Education. The First Chance curriculum needs to be developed in accordance with these guidelines, and enable fun and effective learning and assessment for the children. Volunteers have looked at other schools and talked to various teachers to make a comparison, and acquire information on how they run their classes.  


Some volunteers are teaching English in the Second Chance secondary school and tutoring in primary English and Mathematics to help children assimilate back into the mainstream schooling system.

For the girls who attend Second Chance board at the school during the term another volunteer will be setting up after-school activities to entertain the students and supplement their education in English and other skills.

At the moment there is also a project to set up a playground for the pre-school in the currently barren schoolyard, and we need donations to realize this project.

Made possible through donations, construction will soon commence on a new toilet block for the school so that the children can access more hygienic facilities and allow proper hand washing.


The Honey Badger Lodge wants to distribute a monthly newsletter to keep people informed of the current projects, show how donations and volunteer time is being used, and promote the ability to help fund projects or sponsor children.

We look forward to the results of our volunteers hard work and aim to keep you all posted throughout the year.




"Challenge yourself by helping others..."