Thank you Gustav, Brittany and Vicky

15 June 11

Gustav arrived at SAIDIA from our Swedish Partner called Amzungo and stayed with us for 2 months.  Vicky came for the UK for 3 weeks and Brittany was just passing through from Kenya and literally stumbled upon us!


During their time with SAIDIA they worked hard, played hard and were great fun to be around.  They worked with Second Chance Education Centre on several different projects. They planted 80 trees Set up a tree nursery and vegetable patch.  Worked with SCEC to develop a student sponsorship programme.  Which entailed visiting the homes of some students to gather information to send to their sponsors. They were heartbreaking trips out to some very remote locations where student’s families, most of them farmers, lived in exceptionally poor houses and with little or no money. They visited some wonderful people, many single mothers who struggles to make ends meet and afford to send their children to school.   They developed a blog and we will soon be posting the information of the students.  Our hard working volunteers did not stop here, some got involved in the academic side of the school teaching English and Science as extra tuition, whilst also supporting the school through their annual examinations and became good friends and confidents to the schools trainee teachers; assisting them in their university application.  Together the volunteers lend a hand to fundraising and worked to develop and run a quiz night in town.  Something Moshi town had not experienced before.  The money was pledged to SAIDIA to use to assist our community projects.  It is our hope that our future volunteers will continue this quiz and for it to become a regular night in town!

 We would like to say a warm thank you to Gustav, Brittany and Vicky we enjoyed your company, very much.  Thank you for all your help.  You have certainly assisted our partners.  Please keep in touch and come back to visit us soon.



Jenny Renju

SAIDIA Tanzania

"Challenge yourself by helping others..."