SAIDIA volunteer alongside our partners and our local government plant over 80 trees marking the start of the environment project.

06 May 11

 On the 6th May 2011 SAIDIA (represented by a volunteer and the Directors) initiated the start of its much awaited ENVIRONMENT PROJECT.  Owing to a local demand, the initial stages of the project involved a plan to plant 500 trees in our local village.  Gustav (the volunteer leading this initial stage of the project) got his hands dirty and worked with the local community (including the local councillor and chairman) to plant 80 trees.  Mama Renju along with her students from the Second Chance Education Centre, worked hard to ensure this activity got underway. 

“This is a great time of year to plant, the land is so fertile.   For now we are working on planting trees all along our local road to help stop peoples houses being washes away by the flood water”

A quote from the local chairperson who was involved in planting the trees

The trees are much needed, every year during the rainy seasons the water from the rain and off the mountain rushes down the road and destroys what’s in its way.  During the dry season the soil erosion means the dust becomes unbearable.  The trees should help to reduce these problems.  Owing to the great efforts to involve the local leadership the local councillor will be presented the initiative to the environment committee who in order to rally more support for the provision of the remaining seedlings.  We would like to say a big thank you to Gustav and his family for their financial support that enabled this project to get underway.  Thank you Gustav!!!!

Moving forward from this, Gustav has been working with our partners to develop the tree planting initiative into part of the bigger picture.  We will soon be unveiling the details of our project and already have a number of keen volunteers interested to get involved.

Jenny Renju

SAIDIA Tanzania

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