SAIDIA supported projects provide much needed food and financial assistance to support over 50 students

11 April 11

 Last week Second Chance education centre collected over 3 bags of rice (more than 60 kgs) as the first yields from their donated rice paddy.  The rice paddy was purchased for the school last year by Honey Badger Lodge (www.honeybadgerlodge.com).   The school were delighted with this crop and relieved that after a very tough few months in which there have been constant food worries they now have some security…

“We are so happy to receive this rice, we feel blessed.  It has taken a lot of pressure from us as food was such a problem recently.  Our students will now enjoy the rice; they will eat until they are full and be in a much better position to study!”

A quote from the Manager of the School

Owing to certain capacity constraints the paddy is currently being loaned to a neighbour to farm and the school receives its requirements each harvest.  The paddy will be harvested three times per year and produces enough rice to ensure the students have a year round supply.  It is our hope that over time we can support the school (by setting up systems) to farm the paddy themselves thereby not only getting enough rice to eat but also enough to sell.  We also still have to work to support the school in other food in order to ensure the students have a balanced diet.

Jenny Renju

SAIDIA Tanzania

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