SAIDIA has a new Partner!

11 March 09

SAIDIA was on the lookout for new partners to work with, and found an organisation with so much potential that we just HAD to work with them! 

Binti Maringo, is a non-profit Café and Training centre for youth and street children in Mwanza. It gives youngsters who are out of school an opportunity to learn a trade, along with all of the skills that come with it!

Though it is a more recent SAIDIA Partner, Binti has also had a favourable turn of events, with the arrival of Andrea Wolfson who came out and worked more than she was asked to.

She helped to simplify the working process of the Binti Maringo Café, helped them to improve their accounting skills, held workshops on customer service, and in doing so ensured that Binti Maringo would have a fighting chance and good food too!

Asante SANA Andrea! You shall be missed.



SAIDIA Tanzania

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