10 Feb 2012

An update for February


 2012 has been a busy one so far for all of us at SAIDIA.  We have had a number of volunteers already passing through and helping us to support out local community.  At the Honey Badger Lodge there are now 5 volunteers working on several projects.


A curriculum program is being developed for the First Chance Education Centre- a new pre-school for 3 to 6 year olds. Schools must follow the guidelines set by the Tanzanian Ministry of Education. The First Chance curriculum needs to be developed in accordance with these guidelines, and enable fun and effective learning and assessment for the children. Volunteers have looked at other schools and talked to various teachers to make a comparison, and acquire information on how they run their classes.  


Some volunteers are teaching English in the Second Chance secondary school and tutoring in primary English and Mathematics to help children assimilate back into the mainstream schooling system.

For the girls who attend Second Chance board at the school during the term another volunteer will be setting up after-school activities to entertain the students and supplement their education in English and other skills.

At the moment there is also a project to set up a playground for the pre-school in the currently barren schoolyard, and we need donations to realize this project.

Made possible through donations, construction will soon commence on a new toilet block for the school so that the children can access more hygienic facilities and allow proper hand washing.


The Honey Badger Lodge wants to distribute a monthly newsletter to keep people informed of the current projects, show how donations and volunteer time is being used, and promote the ability to help fund projects or sponsor children.

We look forward to the results of our volunteers hard work and aim to keep you all posted throughout the year.




21 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New year

We hope you are all well and gearing up to a good end to 2011.  Once again this has been a busy year for us.    With the help of some fantastic volunteers we would like to look back over just some of our highlights from this year:

ü  Built two fuel efficient stoves and Trained others how to build stoves and they have now built more in the community

ü  Conducted first aid course

ü  Planted over 100 trees in the community and developed a tree nursery

ü  Reviewed the teaching in the local kindergarten

ü  Supported the teachers in the secondary school (passing on key teaching skills)

ü  Training in bead making, tie and dye and other craft items and setup a local craft shop stocked with items from and for the school,

ü  Built the foundations of the wall around the  dormitory and for a new a new chicken house

ü  Supported the school to plant a vegetable patch and buy the purchase at the lodge

ü  Supported teacher training programme

ü   Developed a school sponsorship programme and set up a mechanism to receive funds (http://www.Betterplace.Org/en/projects/7787-creating-a-second-chance)

Joey and I are driven to making a sustainable change in our surrounding community.  We are committed to offering productive volunteer placements for all those people who share our drive to help those in need.  We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of our 2010 volunteers and a large welcome to those coming in 2012. 

We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year, and we look forward to hearing from you all in the not too distant future.

All the best

Joseph, Jenny, Izzy, Eli and all our SAIDIA partners 



04 Nov 2011

Fuel efficient stoves

 Thanks to a very talented SAIDIA volunteer and the support of Honey Badger Lodge the school will soon be building its very own fuel efficient stove. Uli (a civil engineer) will be working with some local masons to teach them to build a stove that will reduce the amount of firewood the school uses as well as reducing the smoke in the kitchen. Currently the school cooks on a large stove as well as a traditional three stone variety just outside. Firewood is a constant problem. The new stove (pictures will follow) promises to rectify this. Our hope is that together Uli, the masons, Mama Lucy and Joey will come up with a cost effective stove which can be replicated throughout the surrounding community. Watch this space for more information.



24 Aug 2011

Selling gifts to provide education

Our collaboration with Honey Badger has helped us to raise over half a million shillings for the Second Chance Education Centre.  We have done this by setting up and selling curios and materials at Honey Badger Lodge.  Whats more, the shop is more than your average hotel curio shop, it is part of a vocational business training programme at the education centre, aiming to equip our students with crucial livelihood skills that will give them more chances in life.

Before I continue I would like to extend a big thank you to the hard working SAIDIA volunteers who made this project the success it is.  In particular to Alex, Jacqui, Pia, Matt, Karen, Hezena, Chris and Ella.  We would also like to thank Barefeet international who provided the start up funds for the activities. The programme has multiple aspects to it.  


1. Tie and dye: this is a local art technique whereby material is literally tied up in different patters and then dyed!  the school students have been trained how to do this and make the designs etc themselves.  Once dry the material is crafted into different items: dresses, house coats, bed spreads, napkins, head bands, lampshades and many more.  Honey Badger has many of these items in and around the lodge, they have purchased 25 housecoats for their guests (who are able to buy them if they like them) and over 100 napkins for their restaurant.  As well as lampshades, menu covers and more.


2. Bead making: Thanks to SAIDIA's talented volunteers (Karen, Matt, helped by Hezena, Chris and Ella) our students have been taught how to make different designs of beaded bracelets.  They then label them 'made by ..." and these are in the shop!  They have been selling like hot cakes... which is lucky given that they have made around 100 to sell!!!


3. Business training:  Alex and Jacqui designed a course business training plan which involved key business skills (issues of supply and demand, pricing/costing, marketing/branding, inventories/stock keeping).  The sessions were run over a two week period and involved alot of participatory learning.  Session 4 involved a complete branding exercise.  The students got stuck in to designing and creating the 'creating a second chance' logo (the photos will follow).  The students are still talking about this event today.  During their final session (led by Ella and Pia) they came to the shop and discussed the process of running a shop.  They now come up weekly to take an inventory and collect the sales (Honey Badger gives 100% to the school!).


We hope to continue to support this initiative indefinitely.  It is crucial these students learn vocational skills.  Honey Badger is committed to investing in the education of the local community, however this has to expand beyond the formal class room teaching into skills that equip our students for their lives, given that many will not progress on to university.  We therefore continue to rely on the support from Honey Badger’s guests... keep shopping and keep helping us to help the students!!









15 Jun 2011

Thank you Gustav, Brittany and Vicky

Gustav arrived at SAIDIA from our Swedish Partner called Amzungo and stayed with us for 2 months.  Vicky came for the UK for 3 weeks and Brittany was just passing through from Kenya and literally stumbled upon us!


During their time with SAIDIA they worked hard, played hard and were great fun to be around.  They worked with Second Chance Education Centre on several different projects. They planted 80 trees Set up a tree nursery and vegetable patch.  Worked with SCEC to develop a student sponsorship programme.  Which entailed visiting the homes of some students to gather information to send to their sponsors. They were heartbreaking trips out to some very remote locations where student’s families, most of them farmers, lived in exceptionally poor houses and with little or no money. They visited some wonderful people, many single mothers who struggles to make ends meet and afford to send their children to school.   They developed a blog and we will soon be posting the information of the students.  Our hard working volunteers did not stop here, some got involved in the academic side of the school teaching English and Science as extra tuition, whilst also supporting the school through their annual examinations and became good friends and confidents to the schools trainee teachers; assisting them in their university application.  Together the volunteers lend a hand to fundraising and worked to develop and run a quiz night in town.  Something Moshi town had not experienced before.  The money was pledged to SAIDIA to use to assist our community projects.  It is our hope that our future volunteers will continue this quiz and for it to become a regular night in town!

 We would like to say a warm thank you to Gustav, Brittany and Vicky we enjoyed your company, very much.  Thank you for all your help.  You have certainly assisted our partners.  Please keep in touch and come back to visit us soon.



Jenny Renju

SAIDIA Tanzania

18 May 2011

SAIDIA volunteers supports our local teachers to improve their skills

 Three weeks really is enough time to change lives!  Our recent volunteer Mary (a teacher from the United States), got stuck in on day 1.  She worked closely with the teachers and for 3 weeks mentored them and showed them different ways to conduct their work.  Her main areas of focus were on the importance of lesson planning and the need to bring new techniques into the class room.  Most of the teachers were highly receptive to Mary’s suggestions and very much valued her input into their work. 

“We had been struggling in some areas of our teaching and Mary really helped to give us new ideas, We are very grateful to her for the time she spent with us, we hope some day she and her husband will come back and visit us again, Asante sana Mary and Karibu tena!”

Quote from the Second Master of the school after Mary had left

We often get asked how long should someone come to volunteer for… its always hard to say and very much depends on the person.  Three weeks is a short time, but Mary leaves a lot behind – the staff room walls are now decorated with banners describing different teaching techniques, each teacher has his or her own file that they use to organise their work and keep records of their lesson plans.  Every teacher has observation guidelines and notes and a new system of in-school peer observing has been established and endorsed by the school management.  She worked hard even down to her final day when Mary participated  in a meeting to develop a relevant and agreed upon school code of conduct which would work to ensure teachers were in class when they were supposed to be, that they were prepared and many more things.  As SAIDIA and on behalf of our partners we would like to thank Mary for her tireless hard work, her drive, her great sense of humour and her company not to mention her dinner conversations!!! Come back soon Mary!!

We leave you with a few quotes from Mary…

I choose SAIDIA Tanzania because of..”the community consciousness of the organisation,  I didn’t want to be part of an organisation that was not connected to the community and trying to better it, so that it can one day successfully function without outside aid”

“Great food, love the staff” Pat and Johari really made me feel at home”

“Joey and Jenny were wonderful hosts, very approachable, Amos and David were helpful in organising trips and taking me to town”

“Being a teacher from the US Second chance was the logical placement.  I immediately felt welcome and needed and am very happy that I could help in such an important way”

“The teachers I worked with are all wonderful, motivated people. I feel really confident that they will continue to work with the new techniques I introduced to them.  Having already seen great progress in each class.  I am sure that they have leaned and will continue to learn more effective pedagogy”

Jenny Renju

SAIDIA Tanzania

06 May 2011

SAIDIA volunteer alongside our partners and our local government plant over 80 trees marking the start of the environment project.

 On the 6th May 2011 SAIDIA (represented by a volunteer and the Directors) initiated the start of its much awaited ENVIRONMENT PROJECT.  Owing to a local demand, the initial stages of the project involved a plan to plant 500 trees in our local village.  Gustav (the volunteer leading this initial stage of the project) got his hands dirty and worked with the local community (including the local councillor and chairman) to plant 80 trees.  Mama Renju along with her students from the Second Chance Education Centre, worked hard to ensure this activity got underway. 

“This is a great time of year to plant, the land is so fertile.   For now we are working on planting trees all along our local road to help stop peoples houses being washes away by the flood water”

A quote from the local chairperson who was involved in planting the trees

The trees are much needed, every year during the rainy seasons the water from the rain and off the mountain rushes down the road and destroys what’s in its way.  During the dry season the soil erosion means the dust becomes unbearable.  The trees should help to reduce these problems.  Owing to the great efforts to involve the local leadership the local councillor will be presented the initiative to the environment committee who in order to rally more support for the provision of the remaining seedlings.  We would like to say a big thank you to Gustav and his family for their financial support that enabled this project to get underway.  Thank you Gustav!!!!

Moving forward from this, Gustav has been working with our partners to develop the tree planting initiative into part of the bigger picture.  We will soon be unveiling the details of our project and already have a number of keen volunteers interested to get involved.

Jenny Renju

SAIDIA Tanzania

11 Apr 2011

SAIDIA supported projects provide much needed food and financial assistance to support over 50 students

 Last week Second Chance education centre collected over 3 bags of rice (more than 60 kgs) as the first yields from their donated rice paddy.  The rice paddy was purchased for the school last year by Honey Badger Lodge (www.honeybadgerlodge.com).   The school were delighted with this crop and relieved that after a very tough few months in which there have been constant food worries they now have some security…

“We are so happy to receive this rice, we feel blessed.  It has taken a lot of pressure from us as food was such a problem recently.  Our students will now enjoy the rice; they will eat until they are full and be in a much better position to study!”

A quote from the Manager of the School

Owing to certain capacity constraints the paddy is currently being loaned to a neighbour to farm and the school receives its requirements each harvest.  The paddy will be harvested three times per year and produces enough rice to ensure the students have a year round supply.  It is our hope that over time we can support the school (by setting up systems) to farm the paddy themselves thereby not only getting enough rice to eat but also enough to sell.  We also still have to work to support the school in other food in order to ensure the students have a balanced diet.

Jenny Renju

SAIDIA Tanzania

16 Mar 2011

SAIDIA has succedded in eliminating our programme fees

There have been some big changes at SAIDIA. Owing to our partnership with Honey Badger Lodge and Safaris we have been able to SLASH OUR PRICES. Whilst we always worked hard to keep our fees low, ultimately we never wanted our volunteers to have to pay. So now…unlike large profit making volunteer organisations, volunteering with SAIDIA Tanzania comes with no fee! YES you read it right…there is NO fee to volunteer. Volunteers only need to pay for their accommodation and their volunteering is free. You will receive the following all at no cost:

-          Pre-departure planning – including creating a tentative tailor made volunteer package matching your skills and interests to the needs of the local communities.
-          Pre-departure information packs – including advice on what to bring, visas, vaccinations etc. as well as language information for those keen to get stuck in.
-          In-country briefing and orientation – including meeting the local community, organisations, visits to town and local sites of interest, including the market etc.
-          24-hour in country support – including weekly/bi-weekly progress meetings with volunteers and their partner organisations as well as anything else as needed
-          Language orientation – for those keen to learn, we offer basic language training enabling volunteers to communicate more easily within and around their placements.
What’s more unlike any other volunteer organisation that we know of we have removed the varying costs depending on the length of your stay. Accommodation costs are quoted per night and we offer two different accommodation packages:
Option 1: Fully catered accommodation              $15 per night
Volunteers choosing this option will be placed in the lodge dorm rooms, these are situated in the main lodge building. There are 4 large rooms which can sleep between 6-10 people, each with bathroom access (one is ensuite, one has its own bathroom nearby and the other two rooms share a bathroom). The main building is kept cool by the traditional roofing (makuti) and our solar powered fans. Our hot water and lights also rely on solar power making this an environmentally conscious accommodation option. Volunteers will be able to enjoy the lodge gardens, which are lush and spacious. The rate includes three basic meals a day, however volunteers can upgrade their meal or accommodation options as they wish (please enquire for further details).
Option 2: Self catered accommodation                  $10 per night
Volunteers choosing this option will be placed in one of our three self catered en-suite rooms, the rooms each have a bathroom and share a communal kitchen dining space. The rooms are on a plot adjacent to the lodge campsite and have a spacious garden and outdoor seating. These rooms are ideal for those who are keen to get involved in local life by visiting the local markets and learning to cook local food. Volunteers will be accompanied to the market the first time so as to get their bearings and feel comfortable. There the adventure begins. 
Its important to remember that at SAIDIA we aim to offer tailor made volunteer packages. Therefore if these options do not suit you or you have specific requests, e.g. you want to come with your family and want to block book a whole self-catered or fully catered room then just get in touch. For those who want a little privacy, double or single rooms can be arranged upon request and subject to availability. Anything is possible.
We have always believed that volunteering ones time and skills for the betterment of others should be payment enough. We really hope our set up enables more people to come and volunteer. We want SAIDIA to be attainable for all.

J Renju

J Renju

19 Dec 2010

Partnering with Barefeet international to improve local livelihoods

 In December 2010, we (in partnership with Barefeet international) have established a tie-dye initiative.  A group of women and girls have been trained to produce Tie-dye materials.  These materials at first will be purchased by the local lodge (www.honeybadgerlodge.com) .  Additional materials will be produced and be available for sale.  We will keep you posted on the progress of this project. 



SAIDIA Tanzania

01 Dec 2010

Volunteer for a week, remain committed for lifeā€¦.

 SAIDIA volunteers really are different.  We have been very lucky to have worked with some fantastically committed people.  Over the last few years a number of volunteers that have been placed in Mwanza have continued to show their commitment to their placements days, weeks, months and years after leaving Mwanza.  Even though we call it short term volunteering, these volunteers have shown this to be a misnomer as their commitment is far from short term.

We recently visited BCDSA (a project SAIDIA supported for 6 years in Mwanza) and were delighted to see and hear that their work is going well. Mr Shadrack continues to drive the organisation to new hights.  With the help of Leeat, Molly, Simone, Lynn, Simona, Andrea and Katie (amongst others) BCDSA are close to realising what, pre-SAIDIA, was just a dream.  In December the children that BCDSA support will be moving to a new home.  The home, built with the support of SAIDIA and our volunteers, is a modern building closer to Mwanza city and more importantly much closer to the lake.The children will have a guaranteed water and food supply from the lake, a big change from where they previously lived.  We would like to say a massive congratulations to BCDSA and to all those who have supported them.  We really are humbled by the complete show of altruism, not to mention the passion and drive of all those involved.


21 Nov 2010

Football mania in Moshi.

 2010 was a football year for so many, but this was even more so for a group of boys in Moshi.  SAIDIA’s first Moshi based volunteer worked hard to establish a football team in a local rural area.  It may seem trivial and to many football is just a game, but to these boys it offers an avenue to express themselves.  Msaranga (where SAIDIA is based) is a small rural village 6kms outside of Moshi town.  There are few employment  opportunties, many young people in the area have not completed school further limiting their options.  The football team provides an opportunity for these boys to learn to work together, to plan together and to be driven by a common goal.  The team, set up by Andy, have entered into a local league and are doing well. We will continue to keep you posted…  Thank you Andy for making this happen.


01 Oct 2009

A new place to call home

BCDSA operates a home for 25 children in Mkula, Tanzania.  Some of the children live at the center for a short time, until they are able to return to their families.  Others have nowhere else to turn - and now call Mkula Children’s Center their home. 

BCDSA has been a SAIDIA Partner for two years, and in that time have received 10 volunteers, all of whom have worked with BCDSA to improve their working process and build their capacity. 


When the Mkula Children’s Centre was initially opened, the plan was for the children’s needs to be met by means of contributions from the Boards of Directors and Trustees, Unfortunately due to unavoidable circumstances the contributors have been unable to uphold their commitment, leaving BCDSA with the responsibility of feeding, educating, clothing, and caring for the 25 children unassisted. So far they have managed simply by appealing to the kinder side of the Mwanza community for donations that have gone towards these needs, but this cannot function as a sustainable source of funding – not to mention that the staff must dedicate majority of their time to the pursuit of these much needed funds.

This year the family that owns the land and building where the Children’s Centre is located, have requested that the children be vacated from the premises by the end of 2009. Unfortunately all of the aforementioned needs require a substantial amount of money, which in turn makes it difficult for BCDSA (who have no financial structure in place to cater to these children) to dedicate a suitable amount of effort to fundraising for a new Centre.

Together, BCDSA and SAIDIA Tanzania sought solutions to the two key problems that the Centre is facing.


1.    A lack of consistent funds with which to provide the children with all of their basic needs


In response to this difficult situation,  SAIDIA, with the help of brilliant ex-volunteer Molly Matheson came up with a new initiative called the Community Table. This is a campaign to collect in-kind donations of food for the Children’s Center from local business right here in Mwanza. The campaign is gaining ground and a few businesses have committed themselves already.


In addition to the Community Table Campaign, SAIDIA is in the process of setting up a sponsor-a-child programme specifically for the children at Mkula. Sharing the burden of the children’s wellbeing across various selfless individuals ought to ensure that the Centre shall never be faced with the prospect of the children going hungry, without food or proper care and attention.



2.    The absence of funds with which to build a new Children’s centre by 2009


Upon petitioning the local Government administration, BCDSA was granted an alternative piece of land on which to build a new centre for the children. It is in an area called Mayega, and is close to Lake Victoria, which should make it quite easy for the Centre to grow some – if not all – of its own food. In addition, it is also more easily accessible by road than the Mkula premises.


The construction plans for the new building have been drawn up, and the construction budget amounts to a total of Tanzania Shillings 36,094,750. We have also sought the support of various corporate entities within Mwanza and have received informal pledges from a few but as yet no formal agreements have been made.




SAIDIA Tanzania

23 Sep 2009

60s & 70s Fancy Dress Fundraiser!

As always, the SAIDIA volunteers have come up with some brilliant ideas for fundraising! On the 19th of this month, we held a 60’s & 70’s Fancy Dress party at Tunza Lodge.  It was a great success and we managed to raise Tshillings 730,000 for the kids at Mkula, as well as attract a few pledges of building materials in aid of the new Children’s Centre.


Our appreciation goes out to Tunza Lodge for letting us use their space, and a big thanks to all of you wonderful people who attended and contributed.




17 Jun 2009

Volunteering with SAIDIA now costs even LESS!!

Potential volunteers will be happy to hear that the SAIDIA Programme Fee is set to drop significantly for the rest of 2009!

We feel it is our responsibility to make it as easy as possible for potential volunteers to have the opportunity to do some good, even in the current financial climate. The new fees shall be as follows:

2 Weeks: USD 300
1 Month*: USD 450

*And every month thereafter

As always the Programme fee is inclusive of the volunteer’s accommodation, orientation, SAIDIA-led excursions, language classes, administrative fees, airport transfers, and full in-country support upon arrival.

So help us to spread the word. It's meaningful and affordable!

Volunteer with SAIDIA Today!! 



SAIDIA Tanzania

11 Mar 2009

SAIDIA has a new Partner!

SAIDIA was on the lookout for new partners to work with, and found an organisation with so much potential that we just HAD to work with them! 

Binti Maringo, is a non-profit Café and Training centre for youth and street children in Mwanza. It gives youngsters who are out of school an opportunity to learn a trade, along with all of the skills that come with it!

Though it is a more recent SAIDIA Partner, Binti has also had a favourable turn of events, with the arrival of Andrea Wolfson who came out and worked more than she was asked to.

She helped to simplify the working process of the Binti Maringo Café, helped them to improve their accounting skills, held workshops on customer service, and in doing so ensured that Binti Maringo would have a fighting chance and good food too!

Asante SANA Andrea! You shall be missed.



SAIDIA Tanzania

21 Jan 2009

Another SAIDIA Volunteer makes a difference

BCDSA (Busega Children’s and Development Services Assistance) is a grassroots organisation supported by SAIDIA. In November 2008, BCDSA – with the help of a SAIDIA Volunteer Molly Matheson – wrote an application for funding to the annual Mwanza Charity Ball. Today BCDSA received news that their application was successful and that they shall receive 690,000 Tanzania Shillings (approximately £350)!!!


This money will enable them to purchase a plough and oxen in order to farm enough land to provide staple food for the 24 children at Mkula Children’s Centre. Every week has been a struggle for BCDSA to find food for the children. This grant shall make all the difference, bringing BCDSA that one step closer to a sustainable source of food for all the kids.


Congratulations BCDSA, and thank you Molly!!!



13 Jan 2009

Why PAY to volunteer??

This is undoubtedly (and understandably) one of the first questions people ask themselves. The idea of paying to volunteer suprises some people. But is there a logical reason for it? 

If you look around and try to pin-point the volunteer organisations that receive non-paying volunteers it becomes apparent that most if not all, are either multi-national and funded or semi governmental. They also have a tendency to generally accept people who have a professional background suited to the task at hand. And these are all long-term(1yr+) programs.

Just about ALL short-term international volunteer programs have a project fee that covers the expenses of running the program.

Have a look at this extract from "HOW TO LIVE YOUR DREAM OF VOLUNTEERING OVERSEAS" by Joseph Collins, Stefano DeZerega, and Zahara Heckscher

The local organizations and projects with which you volunteer overseas have limited resources and are seldom able to subsidize your trip or cover the costs of hosting you. (These costs include housing, feeding and transporting you, among numerous other things.) If they did have the financial resources to pay an international volunteer, it would almost certainly be more beneficial and cost-effective to hire a local person instead, someone who already knows the language and culture and is likely to stick around. 

Identifying appropriate host organizations overseas and working with them is time-consuming, takes resources, and requires an experienced and professional staff. 

The costs of recruiting volunteers, producing literature, answering the phones, sending mailings, developing a website, and interviewing potential volunteers are significant.

Anyway, at the end of the day, programme fee or no, the important thing is that the communites benefit. Sadly, there are ALOT of good organisations and individuals alike that don't seem to be focusing on SUSTAINABLE change. Placements are becoming dependent on volunteers. With SAIDIA, it's policy

So let us know what YOU think.


SAIDIA Tanzania

01 Jan 2009

SAIDIA Newsletter 2008



All of us at SAIDIA Tanzania would like to wish each and every one of you the best that 2009 has to offer. 2008 was a great year for SAIDIA. A year in which we were blessed enough to grow as an organisation. Thank you to all the special people who have given us their support and encouraged us to push on against the odds. 


This is the first SAIDIA Newsletter and we will endeavour to keep the communication lines open and more active. We aim to have monthly updates of our activities on networking sites (facebook, YouTube etc) and a bi-annual news letter… so watch this space!

Please subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about SAIDIA and help us to spread the word!




SAIDIA Tanzania

01 Dec 2008

World Aids Day Charity Walk


On the 1st of December 2008, SAIDIA supported DEFESCO in their sponsored walk.  Over 50 people (including two SAIDIA volunteers) met early in the morning at Mwanza airport; from there they walked the 6kms into town.  In town a series of talks and awareness raising activities took place in front of large crowds and the National press. 


SAIDIA provided drinking water for the duration of the walk. Each child was sponsored to complete the walk and the proceeds went towards the children’s school fees.  




SAIDIA Tanzania

Our Vision

A Tanzania that is self sustaining with less reliance on external aid and where its people are helping themselves to achieve a better existence in terms of health, income, education, commerce and development.

Mission Statement

To work with local communities and organisations, to assist them to identify, and support them to undertake, activities and projects that will enable sustainable positive change. SAIDIA exists to create a Tanzania where the organization and its functions are no-longer necessary.

Volunteer for Saidia

"Challenge yourself by helping others..."