Owing to our partnership with Honey Badger Lodge and Safaris (www.honeybadgerlodge) we have been able to SLASH OUR PRICES. Whilst we always worked hard to keep our fees low, ultimately we never wanted our volunteers to have to pay. So now…unlike large profit making volunteer organisations, volunteering with SAIDIA Tanzania comes with no fee! YES you read it right…there is NO fee to volunteer. Volunteers only need to pay for their accommodation and their volunteering is free. You will receive the following all at no cost:

Pre-departure planning – including creating a tentative tailor made volunteer package matching your skills and interests to the needs of the local communities.
Pre-departure information packs – including advice on what to bring, visas, vaccinations etc. as well as language information for those keen to get stuck in.
In-country briefing and orientation – including meeting the local community, organisations, visits to town and local sites of interest, including the market etc.
24-hour in country support – including weekly/bi-weekly progress meetings with volunteers and their partner organisations as well as anything else as needed
What’s more unlike any other volunteer organisation that we know of we have removed the varying costs depending on the length of your stay. Accommodation costs are quoted per night and we offer different accommodation packages:
Option 1: Fully catered accommodation              $15 per night
Option 2: Self catered accommodation                $10 per night 
Volunteers will stay in the volunteer rooms. Each room contains three/four single beds, a toilet and a shower room. The rooms share a communal kitchen/dining/lounge space. The rooms are on a plot adjacent to the lodge and have a spacious garden and outdoor seating. Option 1 means volunteers do not have to worry about sourcing their own food and will be provided with three local meals a day, ideal for those who want to taste the foods most Tanzanian's eat each day. Option 2 is ideal for those who are keen to get involved in local life by visiting the local markets and learning to cook local food. Volunteers will be accompanied to the market the first time so as to get their bearings and feel comfortable. There the adventure begins. 
Its important to remember that at SAIDIA we aim to offer tailor made volunteer packages. Therefore if these options do not suit you or you have specific requests, e.g. you want to come with your family and want to block book a whole self-catered or fully catered room then just get in touch. For those who want a little privacy, double or single rooms can be arranged upon request and subject to availability. Anything is possible.
We have always believed that volunteering ones time and skills for the betterment of others should be payment enough. We really hope our set up enables more people to come and volunteer. We want SAIDIA to be attainable for all.
Throughout the developing world, it is clear that a lot of good initiatives that have great potential also lack resources. Any funds that you raise before coming to Tanzania can be donated directly into the project that you undertake, expanding the possibility for its reach and impact. We encourage, but do not require, volunteers to fundraise for funds to put towards their volunteer efforts. All funds raised by volunteers will be put to good use. SAIDIA will assist you to determine a way to use this precious resource wisely – in a way that invests in the future sustainability of an organization’s work.
Many of our previous volunteers have been pleasantly surprised by how easy and possible it is to raise funds for their volunteer trip. They’ve found that their friends and family are proud of their choice to volunteer – and are happy to support it in this way.

Our Vision

A Tanzania that is self sustaining with less reliance on external aid and where its people are helping themselves to achieve a better existence in terms of health, income, education, commerce and development.

Mission Statement

To work with local communities and organisations, to assist them to identify, and support them to undertake, activities and projects that will enable sustainable positive change. SAIDIA exists to create a Tanzania where the organization and its functions are no-longer necessary.

Volunteer for Saidia


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