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SAIDIA TANZANIA is an organisation dedicated to supporting the local community. We are a  Tanzanian registered not-for-profit organisation.   The Swahili word "SAIDIA" means assist, help or support. The name was chosen for the reason that this is SAIDIA Organisation's ultimate goal; to assist the needy in their journey to a better existence.  We are unique.  Where possible we support existing yet often struggling local initiatives.  We don’t set up our own projects, our communities in Tanzania have hundreds if not thousands of existing projects, often they just lack some basic skills to assist them in their goals.  Our focus is to work with our local community to support them, after all Tanzania’s way out of poverty is by helping themselves and sustaining this development. 



In 2011 we partnered with Honey Badger Lodge and Safaris (www.honeybadgerlodge.com) and this has meant that there have been some big changes at SAIDIA. We now work in two different ways.  Firstly a percentage of all profits from the lodge go to support out community initiatives.  The lodge guests can also visit any of our projects and support us in any other way they can.  This set up means we do not have to solely rely on external funding to conduct our work. 






Secondly we continue to accept volunteers to support our different initiatives.  Our volunteering programme continues to offer an unforgettably inspirational volunteering experience. Volunteers will gain insight into the vibrant culture of Tanzania, whilst making a meaningful contribution to the community. Volunteering will change your perspective on life and bring new value to everyday norms.  Unlike large profit making volunteer organisations, volunteering with SAIDIA Tanzania comes with no fee! YES you read it right…there is NO fee to volunteer. Volunteers only need to pay for their accommodation and their volunteering is free.  We have always believed that volunteering ones time and skills for the betterment of others should be payment enough. We really hope our set up enables more people to come and volunteer. We want SAIDIA to be attainable for all.





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  • 10 February 2012
       2012 has been a busy one so far for all of us at SAIDIA.  We have had a number of volunteers already passing through and helping us to support out local community.  At the Ho...

  • 21 December 2011
    We hope you are all well and gearing up to a good end to 2011.  Once again this has been a busy year for us.    With the help of some fantastic volunteers we would like to look bac...

  • 04 November 2011
     Thanks to a very talented SAIDIA volunteer and the support of Honey Badger Lodge the school will soon be building its very own fuel efficient stove. Uli (a civil engineer) will be working with ...

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Saidia Tanzania Project Listing:

Sporting activities

  Africa is a football (and sports) crazed nation.  There is nothing a group of young Tanzanian’s like to do more than kick or thro...


Promoting education and personal development for local adolescents

  The future of a nation is in its young people,  they need the confidence and life skills to make important decisions themselves.  ...


Income Generation Activities (IGA)

SAIDIA, working with its partners, aims to support a number of sustainable income generation activities. We do this by initiating or enhancing poten...


Strengthening and developing the ongoing school sponsorship programmes

Education is a vital tool for development.  However in a poor country, like Tanzania, it is not accessible to all.  Whilst the Government ...



''I came through a Swedish agency in 2011 and I worked for two months with Second chance education center on several different projects. Initially I was...'' Gustav

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